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BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR/AED Program) for Adult, Child and Infant - Intended for anyone who may need to preform CPR in a healthcare setting where they provide health care to patients at an in-hospital or out-of-hospital setting. This class is $80.00 per person when group classes are scheduled. 1:1 classes and Heart Code skill checks are available for $100.00. 

BLS Heartsaver Courses - CPR/AED, CPR in Schools, Heartsaver First Aid, Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED and Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid/AED - Intended for people with no or limited medical training that need a credential in CPR and AED or first aid. Classes are $65.00 per person when group classes are scheduled. 1:1 classes are available for $100.00.

Family and Friends Program - Intended for people with no medical training that would like to learn CPR or First Aid. $50.00 per person and price includes participation card.

Note : All courses may have First Aid/Environmental/Bloodborne Pathogens certification class added to their course for an additional charge of $20.00.

Registration Information

All courses are certified by the American Heart Association and current under the new ECC 2015 guidelines. If this is an employment requirement, please check with your employer that you need the American Heart Association certification before registering for a course. It is in your best interest that you know what credential you will need before scheduling a class. This will prevent you from taking any course you may not need. In the end saving you time and money.

A student manual is needed for certification courses. Review of the manual before class is recommended for completion to be successful. Because the materials are ordered after confirmation of registration it is preferable that students register for a course 30 days prior to class start date. For the most part class dates and times are flexible, you may call or email me to set up a class and to receive a price list for each course.

Registration for any class requires 50% of class fees to be paid to reserve your spot for the course. The balance due will be made on the day of class.

Contact Information

Courtney Fagan, MSN, BSN, RN

262.752.7240                                                                                                                                           [email protected]                                                                                                                   - If you send a message using this site, you must register as a member to be allowed to send personal messages. It is free to sign up and all members profiles are private except to other members of this site. All members will receive $5.00 off of your 1st CPR course when you mention your membership.



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     Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States in people who may or may not have been diagnosed with heart disease. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 370,000 people die every year from coronary heart disease in the hospital emergency room or even before reaching a hospital. Annually, almost 735,000 individuals have a heart attack.

     The knowledge and skills you will learn in these courses will give you the ability to save lives. These courses will enable you to recognize and respond to emergencies such as sudden cardiac arrest and heart attack as well as other life threatening situations that include stroke and choking.

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